About Us

Redesign & Renovation Specialists

With over 100 years of combined experience providing eco-friendly sustainable construction practices RC Design is the preeminent provider of renewable resource construction and retrofitting practices. Our company places an emphasis on being green, on providing compromise free results, and making sure that our clients are provided with ongoing support even after we leave. There is no job that we cannot take care of employing our sustainable practices.

Green building (or sustainable building) is a construction process that refers to both the structure itself and the methods used to construct the structure. The processes used are environmentally responsible and energy efficient. New technologies are constantly being developed to push the envelope of sustainable construction and we are always on the lookout to provide that value to our customers. In doing so we provide a service to not just our clients but to our community as well; preserving for the future generations to come.

Eco-friendly building and retrofitting provides many benefits, including:
• Natural Resource Conservation
• The property’s natural surrounding and resources are better protected
• The quality of indoor air is improved
• The comfort and health of residents is improved
• Local infrastructure in minimally impacted
• The construction waste sent to landfills is significantly reduced